A night at the theatre


Poster art of the theatre act I went to see. Credit Noora Geagea.

Last week’s special activity was going to see a theatre act at KOM teatteri with my commune mates. I hardly knew anything about the play – which was based on a book about problem families – called Karkkipäivä (Candy day). The play itself was solidly decent, but simply just going to see some modern drama at a theatre was refreshing enough after years long break. Maybe I should consider checking out other theatre venues I haven’t visited yet. And maybe even discover a play I truly would love.

Otherwise, it was been pretty much a basic week. I did happen to start watching the fourth season of the tv-series The Wire during the weekend and damn it still remains as captivating as ever. I really enjoy the slow pace the storyline lets itself unfold.

Oh, I also managed to visit the gym for the third time within three weeks. I might be picking up a routine here, who knows.

Throwing in a random comment to wrap this post up, I have noticed that the iOS version of Ticket to Ride has turned out to be the perfect time killer for me. It is simple to play, short enough for quick sessions and requires the right amount of thought to win a round. Easily one of the most used apps on my iPod touch.

Space Apartment

An installation by Aiko Tsukahara I encountered at Gallery Hippolyte.

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