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Final straight

So the year is coming to a close, better write something. As I planned at the beginning of the year, I aimed to write on a regular basis in this blog. More or less I managed to do so. No, I couldn’t keep up with the 10 day silence limit, but not there weren’t any … [ read more » ]

Breaking balls in Jersey and Christmas treats

Just finished my Sopranos marathon, six seasons in two months. It was entertaining to watch, but I wouldn’t rank it as the best tv-series created so far. It would fit into my top 10 easily, though I wonder could I actually list one right now since I’m not a heavy tv-series consumer. Anyway, I think … [ read more » ]

November report

Another long pause, I better type something before November slips past unnoticed. Nothing much out of the routine happening, which might be seen as a “no news is good news” situation. Watching Sopranos, doing yoga once a week, still reading the same novel I started over half a year ago. Simple pastimes then. I also … [ read more » ]

Dark days ahead

Clocks got turned, days get darker sooner. Let’s write something here for a change too. My new daily free time activity is now watching much praised The Sopranos TV-series. I’m only halfway of season two, but so far it has been pretty good. No, the story is not as tight as The Wire, but I … [ read more » ]

Deeper into autumn

Autumn is getting chillier. What have I been up to? The Love & Anarchy Festival is well over. It was a good one and none of the eleven movies I saw were a complete waste of time. I didn’t see any mind blowing one either, but I think I enjoyed The Past the most. The … [ read more » ]

Autumn air

So we are already halfway of September, it can be felt in cool morning air. After a pause from video gaming, I found myself playing X-COM: Enemy Unknown again. It is a tactical game where the player leads an near future secret defense organization from an unknown alien invasion on earth. I seem to like … [ read more » ]