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Back online

If you tried to visit the merciful house during the past week, you have noticed it hasn’t been possible. Also, if you have tried to send e-mails directed to addresses under this domain, they have bounced back to you undelivered. The reason behind this is that I decided to move the domain under a new … [ read more » ]

Built-in hazy skies

Found a gimmicky but fun shooting option from my Canon point-and-shoot camera called “color switch”. Basically I select a color with my camera and choose another one the camera will swap it into. It’s a cheap trick but it actually turned out to be quite fun to use! Sure, it is something that can be … [ read more » ]

Making of a low budget music video


About half a year ago, chatting in a bar with a friend who is a member of an ambient-industrial-noise band called Älymystö, it became apparent they didn’t have enough music videos to promote their music, only one to be exact. As I thought about it afterwards, I remembered I did have some old live video … [ read more » ]

Growth in a momentary frozen state

The past week here in Helsinki has been quite magical as all the trees have been covered in a thin layer of frost due to some weather condition of fog pouring down to sub-zero conditions. I fail to remember when was the last time I saw something like this in Helsinki. These are the kind … [ read more » ]