A few watercolour paintings

I might as well throw in some watercolour paintings I did while I was in the countryside. I’ve been painting with watercolours for two years weekly during spring and autumn courses, but hardly by myself at all. Now that I was away from other distractions, I found myself painting quite often, which I didn’t mind one bit.

The ones displayed here are the only ones I happened to scan. I’ll try to scan more of them later. Although I’m rather satisfied with these, I still consider them more like practice paintings rather than serious attempts. And they are mainly done just for fun anyway.

These were painted on A4 sized paper (300g/m2). I usually paint on bigger ones, but for this visit smaller sized paper was more convenient. “Hiljainen virtaus” (“silent stream”) and “Lämpimän tuulen neito” (“lady of a warm breeze”) were quite spontaneous paintings, while “lehdet” (“leaves”) was first sketched on a notebook.

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