Version seven

The number seven.

Here we go again.

After a few months living with a static web-page, I finally decided to break the silence and built a new layout powered by WordPress. Old visitors might notice that the graphical layout has remained much the same as in the previous one (which was powered by MovableType). I untypically decided to stick with this for now, as several people actually missed the design and quite frankly I like it myself too. I do however consider this version 7.0 instead of 6.1.

I did do a few tweaks, like making it wider (much needed, that) and doing some cosmetic changes. But in general I wanted to keep it easy on the eye, which is something I always aim to do when designing a website. There are still a few unpolished corners here and there and I have to iron out some hideous IE6 bugs (more about that in a separate post), but overall this is what it will look like for some time now.

Actually, I originally wasn’t planning to host a blog anymore, but I then decided to that I’ll focus more on web designing topics and other things that interest me, instead of writing what I’ve been doing in general (I’ll let twitter do that job). I do plan to add separate pages for a portfolio for instance.

The house has risen.

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